Responsive energy modeling for high performance building design.

Energy modeling should deliver what you need, when you need it.

At 2ND LOT, we shorten the distance between your project vision and compliance – reducing risk and red tape – freeing you to move forward with confidence. We will work with you to avoid over-sizing your project’s mechanical infrastructure and uncover every opportunity to lower the cost of development and operation for your project.

We are experts at navigating the energy requirements of the Ontario Building Code SB-10 and the Toronto Green Standard.

Agile and collaborative

2ND LOT engineers work quickly and flexibly. Whether you are looking to meet building code or benefit from incentives, we work within your design process to deliver precisely the energy modelling you need, when you need it.


We understand the pressures of time and budget within the context of multiple partners and regulatory requirements. We are efficient and exceptional at what we do because energy modeling is our sole focus.

Greater design possibilities

2ND LOT engineers are problem-solvers committed to your creative vision. We will deliver an intelligent path to compliance, freeing you to pursue your ideas with integrity.

Sustainable building

2ND LOT engineers understand the rewards of pursuing sustainable design. We are committed to helping you deliver immediate and long-term results on your projects.

We work with forward-thinking architects, engineers, and developers

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